Dr. Emily Bilman

Emily graduated from Lausanne University in Switzerland and the Writing Programme of Vermont College, USA. She earned her PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Her PhD is on literature and psychoanalysis. She lives in Geneva and writes poetry in English and in French. She also translates in these languages. She has read her poetry on BBC Radio Norfolk and her poems were published in the UK, USA, & in Geneva where she has been a long-standing member of www.ecrivainsgenevois.ch/  She is a psychologist, a professional geographer, and an amateur astronomer. She’s also London’s Poetry Society Stanza representative in Geneva and a member of  www.lespoetesdelacite.ch

Emily’s poem “Imago” was commended at the Cambridge Poetry Competition. “The Robin’s Pulse” was published in Hunger Mountain, the literary magazine of Vermont College, USA. “The Little Blue Heron” was published in Offshoots, Geneva. French poems were published in Florilège genevois (edited by Slatkine), launched at the International Book Fair in Geneva in April 2009. In June 2009, “The Sibyl” was published in “Exchanges”, the journal of the T. S. Eliot Society. “The Stags” was published  in the October-November issue of the London Magazine in 2011. “The Pilgrimage”, in memoriam to R.R., was published on the Princeton Alumni Weekly website in the same year. Two sonnets, “News and Daisies” and “The Fugue” are published in Orbis 160. “Ire” is published in Offshoots 12; “Well”, “Awareness, a pastoral”,  “The Invitation” and a longer version of “Ire” are published by Poetry Salzburg Review No. 24. Nine poems are published in The Inspired Heart, a Canadian Anthology of Modern Poetry. (see below for orders) Three poems and a short fiction piece are published in the second volume of The Inspired Heart that just came out and can ordered from Amazon. 

An article entitled “The Consciousness of the Writing Self in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot and Paul Valéry” was published in the T.S. Eliot Journal, UK, in 2010. A book on the philosophy of modern art from Plato to Derrida entitled, Modern Ekphrasis, was published by Peter Lang in March 2013. A  member of the English P.E.N in London, P.E.N Suisse Romande, and The Press Club in Geneva, she founded two social newspapers in Switzerland and her newspaper articles can be read in past issues of “L’Auditoire” on the web. I gave a reading at the US Mission with the Geneva Writers in November and will be reading my published poems at a theatre in Geneva accompanied by master cellist, John De Vore. My poetry book, entitled A WOMAN BY A WELL: A SELF-PORTRAIT, is published by Melinda Cochrane International, Canada, in January 2014.  Joined Québec Writers’ Federation in March 2014. “The Estuary” was accepted for publication by The London Magazine, June-July 2014 issue. I am working on a new book. “The White Owl” was commended in the 2014 Stanza Competition in London. The sonnet is published on the site of The Poetry Society whose Stanza Group I represent in Geneva.

Gave readings at the Arcade for Burns Night and at the PEN Literary Evening for ExTempore launch. An essay on T.S. Eliot’s objective correlative and a sonnet called “Sheathless” will be published by the Battersea Review No. 5 in Boston, USA in Autumn 2015. Modern Ekphrasis was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum Library in London. A joint collaboration with Dutch artist, Joost de Jonge, resulted in a published book published by the artist in Holland and called Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics, an ekphrastic notion. An essay on T.S. Eliot’s poetic personae is published in the July edition of The Journal of the T.S. Eliot  Society. “Resilience” and a second edition of “A Woman By A Well” will be launched in the UK in September 2015.

I gave a reading in St- Petersburg, Russia on July 23rd upon the invitation of the Union of Writers. The reading is on You Tube on my FB page. My new poetry book is due from Troubador Books in October and is a creative memoir in verse. The title is “The Threshold of Broken Waters” and can be pre-ordered through me. My new poetry book is about the effects of the pandemic and is called “Apperception”.

Please check my Writer’s Website at http://emiliebilman.wix.com/emily-bilman


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