Nothing Man

Nothing Man by RJ Gould

Nothing Man by R J Gould – A humorous quest for a fresh start.

One man in need of an overhaul. Two women determined to drag him there.

Neville Watkin’s life is so rubbish surely things can’t get any worse.  Yes they can, because his wife leaves him, he loses his job, has a car crash and ends up in hospital. Feisty Laura, the other party in the car crash, befriends him and sets out to turn his life upside down. For reasons he struggles to understand, Caroline, her equally feisty mother, seems to like him. Rather a lot.

All in all things are looking up, but is Neville courageous enough to seize these new opportunities?

Reviews for Nothing Man by R J Gould

“I loved this book. Poor Neville Watkins was at his lowest point after losing his wife and his job, followed by the car accident which must have seen like life was against him. What followed was quite an adventure and the author has created such marvellous characters who I’m sure many can relate to in real life. It’s full of humour and it’s one of those books I didn’t want to end. I could just see this story being made into a tv film as there’s so much going on, with the right mixture of sadness and humour.” – Gwennie Nunn – Five star review on Good Reads (Mar 2021)

“Neville doesn’t have a lot going for him. He is in his 50’s recently divorced and also recently redundant. He is a man stuck in his ways and there is only one way he is going which is downhill. That’s until the day that he encounters Laura in a supermarket car park and through Laura he meets Caroline who is Laura’s mum.
Is it possible for a man who is going nowhere to change direction? You’ll have to read Nothing Man to find out. Really enjoyed this book. Thoroughly entertaining.” – Zac’s mum – Five star review on Amazon (May 2021)

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