Dream Cafe

Dream Cafe by RJ Gould

Dream Cafe By RJ Gould – A witty, warm tale of love, life and fresh starts.

“Why on earth am I here?” David wonders as he observes the juvenile antics of ex-classmates at the twenty-five year school reunion. Then he sees Bridget.

David draws up a list of all that he hopes to achieve to kick-start a new life now that his wife has moved in with his best friend – his ex-best friend. A relationship with Bridget is top of the list, opening an arts café is a close second.  Formidable women – an unfaithful wife, a reckless teenage daughter, a boss from hell, a disapproving policewoman – seem like insurmountable obstacles. But it’s still OK to dream, isn’t it?

Reviews for Dream Cafe by RJ Gould

“Dream Cafe has all the ingredients of an un-put-down-able novel. The main characters are totally believable and drawn with wit and insight, and they are real in the sense that they change and develop throughout the book. The author makes us care about the characters. There is wry comedy and also poignancy, and the domestic setting is completely involving. People speak to each other like actual people do, and overall this is one of the most readable books I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I would definitely recommend it.” – Lindsay Fursland – Five star review on Amazon (Aug 2021)

“It was amazing! Dream Café follows sensible, comfortable forty-three-year-old David. His wife leaves him for his best friend, totally out of the blue. What ensues is a funny, pacey, and often touching, story of reinvention, with plenty of smiles and unexpected twists and turns along the way. Recommended.” – Silvia Bruni – Five star review on Good Reads (Sep 2021)

”R J Gould has the most delightful skill of writing his books in a way in which you feel very quickly that you are reading about a friend. I couldn’t put it down and found myself missing Dream Cafe long after I read the last page. There is always a mix of emotions within the pages and always just the right mix! I found myself laughing at some of the situations that David found himself in and then on the next page wanting to jump in and give him a hug.” – Excerpt from Lisa – Five star review on Good Reads (Oct 2021)

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