Then and Now

Then and Now by RJ Gould

Then and Now by RJ Gould – A tale of love, loss and the chance to put things right.

Sandy is about to retire following an illustrious career as editor of an upmarket fashion magazine.

Michael can’t retire, he thinks his work to explain the dangers of climate change is far too important.

Jonathan would like to retire from running his fundraising consultancy but a family crisis is getting in the way.

These three were the best of friends at university before a tragedy wrecked their friendship. That was fifty years ago and they haven’t spoken since.

Sandy urges the other two to join her at a weekend reunion. Together they reminisce about their student days, such a wild era with its heady mix of free love, drugs and ground-breaking music. They share their life journeys since the Swinging Sixties – the successes and failures, the happiness and despair, and their optimism and fears for the future.

The reunion is drawing to a close. Dare they tackle the incident that tore them apart, an event that has brought guilt for so many years? If they are to have any chance of reconciliation they have to, but the clock is ticking.

Reviews for Then and Now by RJ Gould

“I’ve read and enjoyed all of this author’s books and in my opinion this one is even better. Four completely different individuals meet at the beginning of their time at university in the sixties and what complex lives they led. I like the way it was written with the separate chapters of back then to the present day. I had forgotten how promiscuous life was back then and how carefree things were, but also tinged with sadness. A completely unexpected outcome at their reunion fifty years on which leaves one thinking, as do all this author’s books. Highly recommended.” Gwennynunn – Five star review on Amazon (March 2022)

“Three very different friends, and sometime lovers, who met at university in the ‘60s, reconnect at a reunion. The novel compromises of a mixture of poignant, and often very funny, memories and contemporary dilemmas, as all three characters reach something of a crossroads in their lives, from retirement to choosing between two relationships. ‘Our lives are racing towards the end and we need to make the most of what’s left,’ says one of the characters. Read on to find out how each of them tackle this stark, but somehow liberating, truth.” – Lesley 1972 – Five star review on Amazon (March 2022)

Praise for Then and Now from book review bloggers

“A gorgeous ray of sunshine of a book. I can’t put into words how much I love this author’s style of writing. The characters truly feel like people you know and their stories are very real but also captivating.” Wrong side of forty

‘Loved it all. Enjoyed it. Devoured it. Recommended.’ Between the Pages Book Club

‘Full of humanity and gentle humour – another wonderful and thought-provoking read from R J Gould.’ Ceri’s Lil Blog

‘A poignant and life affirming read – I absolutely love this author’s books and writing style.’ Rachael, NetGalley reviewer

‘Fiction at its best with the characters in the story living on in the reader’s thoughts after the book is read.’ Reading High Reviews

‘An amazing book with lives examined, the past slowly revealed, and most of all, the truth told.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘I was gripped by this emotional and true to life story.’ Beyond the Books

‘A fantastic read – a book that really pulls on the heartstrings.’ TBHonest

‘I loved Then and now. I was utterly hooked and thought the characters were brilliantly written. A great and superbly written, almost life affirming read.’ Niki, Professional Book Reviewer

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