Love and Pollination

Love and Pollination

Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law – Shortlisted for ChocLit’s 2019 Search for a Star competition.

Perdita Riley is facing the greatest dilemma of her life. Why had she taken Violet Freestone’s advice on how to make herself look more alluring? It led her into the arms of a womaniser. And now Perdita has to deal with a huge setback. Actually, Setback Number One isn’t huge yet, but it won’t be long before it is.

To cheer herself up, Perdita goes shopping, where an extraordinary encounter deposits her, literally, into the lap of Saul Hadley. She would like to stay there, but Setback Number One is going to get in the way.

Will she find a way to deal with what has happened? Can she manage the complications of her growing attraction to Saul?

This hilarious situational romantic comedy will keep you gripped until the very end.

The whacky romantic comedy is published by DuBois Publishing.

Reviews for Love and Pollination

“From the convent to finding love in the outside world, Perdita – what a great name for a character, meaning ‘lost’ – has a lot to learn in this delightful, fun read of an English romantic comedy. Lots of action and lots of laughs as our protagonist bounces from Setback Number One to Setback Number Two and hopefully gets from ‘lost’ to ‘found’ in the arms of her desire! A good, fun take on the romcom genre with enjoyable friends and ‘helpers’ along the way.” – Claire Doyle – Five star review on Amazon (Dec 2020)

“A very light hearted easy to read story, great for bedtime reading. I loved the quirky lead character, Perdita, although was not sure if someone in this day and age could be quite so naïve! It was one of those books I looked forward to picking up my kindle, knowing I was heading back into the story, and I would definitely read more from this author.” – BookJo – Five star review on Amazon (Nov 2020)

Love and Pollination is available from Amazon

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