Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart by Helen Culnane

Worlds Apart by Helen Culnane – A historical novel about the power of friendship.

‘Does that mean that we’re friends?’

‘Friends,’ said Jean, grasping Dolly’s hand and shaking it in solemn confirmation.

In 1910 in the north of Scotland two country girls from opposite ends of the social scale meet and become friends as they adjust to new, unfamiliar lives in the city of Elgin. But will it be possible for friendship to survive social expectations, the campaign for women’s suffrage and industrial unrest in the shadow of the First World War?

Reviews for Worlds Apart

“I really enjoyed this novel and found myself fully immersed in lives of the characters, the sense of place and shifting political backdrop to the personal events that unfold. Both Dolly and Jean are interesting characters with at an inspiring friendship, but one which occasionally leaves them both exasperated with each other. The author has a very light touch when dealing with the tragic episodes – life shattering events are recounted in a measured, unsentimental way which you feel reflects the era.” – Jilly – Five star review on Amazon (Feb 2019)

“I loved this book. It was packed full of all that makes a great read. I was swept along in Dolly’s and Jean’s friendship, the ups and downs of it as each carved out their own life. It’s a warming book full of happenings that charmed, informed, and sometimes made me cry. I’m just sorry I’ve finished it!” – Harville – Five star review on Amazon (Aug 2018)

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