Girl Missing

Girl Missing

Girl Missing (a Messenger series mystery) by Hannah Hooton, writing as H.R. Aidan.

Holly Winslow is missing. Her parents insist she’s a runaway, mixed up with the wrong crowd. But P.I.’s daughter, Noa Drury, isn’t buying it. She’s had a ‘visitor’ who has suggested otherwise: Holly’s ghost.

16-year-old Noa has a ‘gift’ – the ability to see and speak to spirits. Her job is to pass on messages to the living from the spirit world, and while there are plenty of people who’d rather she kept quiet, this is one message she is determined to see delivered.

You see, Noa’s been waiting for a message from a very special person and if figuring out the mystery of Holly Winslow’s disappearance means making it happen then she’ll do whatever it takes, no matter the danger, no matter the trouble she gets into with her spirit guide, Max, and no matter the threat to her own life.

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