Flash Fiction Competition 2022 Results

Short Story Competition

We enjoyed a fun evening determining the results of our flash fiction competition this week.

All the entries were read out by two readers and then members attending voted on their favourites for first, second and third prizes.

And the winner was…..

1st place – Will Tate – Selection Box

Grabbing spots on the podium were:

2nd place – Lisette Veit – Sourdough

3rd place – Kathy English – Flash

Voting was very close, there was even a tense run-off for the bronze medal, with two stories having received an identical number of votes. Both were read out again, and members re-voted to determine the third placed story.

To read the placed entries, just click on the titles of the pieces above.

There was no prescribed theme for the flash fiction competition, and entries varied hugely in style and genre, making for an interesting and entertaining evening for all.

Congratulations to everyone who entered and came along to take part on the night.

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