Routes to Publishing – 1st February 2022 (Online)

Online Workshop: Siobhan Carew will be hosting this workshop over Zoom on the various routes to publishing.

Routes to Publishing

There are two main routes to publishing: through a traditional agent/publisher, or by self-publishing.

Within those choices, there are sub-choices. Few traditional publishers take on work directly. They usually prefer agents to act as intermediaries, filtering the wheat from the chaff.

With the advent of e-books and opportunities to reach a wide audience through social media, a new type of publisher has joined the ranks. These are mostly small independent publishing houses, many of whom will publish your book for a fee. This market is expanding.

Lastly, there is the option to self-publish. Sometimes the choice of authors, sometimes a last resort. This talk will fully explore all the various options for getting your work in print.

Siobhan is an accomplished author, and the founder of indie publishing house, Dubois Publishing.

How to attend the workshop

Members wishing to attend should respond to an email invite closer to the time. They will then be sent a Zoom link to join the workshop.

Non-members wishing to attend should contact Siobhan at for details. There is a charge of £3 to attend, which is taken off your membership fee of £20 if you subsequently join Cambridge Writers

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