5th November 2013 – Jeff Mackowiak

Jeff is a lecturer for English Literature at Robinson College, Cambridge University, and his diverse interests include the literature of  Victorian scientific materialism, literature about university life, ‘badness’ in poetry, the English Tripos Tragedy paper, and comedy.


Meet Merlin. He's the cat who wishes he had a magic wand. There are problems at home. His owner, Angie, has married Dick, and Merlin really doesn't like him. Dick's negative attitude and cutting comments would depress any cat, but Merlin is feisty, and he… Read More »CATalogue

Such Fine Boys

Such Fine Boys

Such Fine Boys by Les Brookes ‘Chance, as they say, is a fine thing, so when it does come you have to seize it. Sure, it might burn you, might freeze you, might turn you to dust and ashes. But it’s the one thing that… Read More »Such Fine Boys

2nd July 2013 – Penny Hancock

Penny lives with her husband and three children in Cambridge, where she teaches at a school for children with speech and language impairment. Tideline is her first novel. Penny is now working on her second.