By All Means

This is a collection of short stories  that find people in transit; between places, relationships, states of mind and different lives. Sometimes these are stories of moving on, leaving the past and the characters populating a point in personal history lingering in memory's rear-view mirror.… Read More »By All Means

Cambridge Red

Romantic and humorous, with a chilling climax, this novel draws the reader into life in Cambridge, England. Edward Holroyd, a university academic, marries impetuously and brings his bride to the city. Anni's delight with her surroundings, and amusement at the academics she had imagined would… Read More »Cambridge Red

Tainted Innocence

Tainted Innocence, a historical mystery set in Cambridge, England, in 1524, is my first novel. Published by Carina Press, a division of Harlequin, the international publisher, it tells the story of Bryony, an illiterate laundress and a stranger to the town, who lives in constant… Read More »Tainted Innocence

From Enclosing Jaws

Undercover reporter Sam Carpenter fakes mental illness in order to enter a psychiatric hospital and investigate a suspicious death there. But he's treading a dangerous path, playing mind games with psychiatrists; and, as he penetrates deeper into the mystery surrounding the hospital, his own sanity… Read More »From Enclosing Jaws