Peter Dean

I am a recent member of the Cambridge Writers’ Group, having joined, then left, and joined again in 2018.

I have had a first career in agricultural plant science research, in Cambridge, Bath and Chelmsford, as a Technician and Research Assistant.

In 2004, when my mum died, I decided it was time for a change. I had always wanted to write a book. Now I have written five!

From late 2004 to the present I have taken part time and temporary jobs at Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge Botanic Garden, and now Age UK, and have written when not working.

Financially, it hasn’t been great, but I have had lots of fun and it is very worthwhile when you finish a project.

I write a regular gardening page for County Life Magazines in Beds, Herts and Cambs editions, and a column in Smallholder magazine.

I have a story, Sunglasses, in the 2018 Cambridge Writers Group competition anthology and have been published in Dream Catcher, Writers” Forum, Cambridge News, Take a Break, Ireland’s Own, and others. At the time of writing I am 55 and seemingly terminally single ( although looking !). I am quiet, thoughtful, caring and kind.

I look forward to writing more stories, and of course, going to more talks at the Cambridge Writers Group in future.


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